Bayleigh, 2020 Yellowstone County Youth of the Year

“Everyone faces challenges in life, some bigger than others. But the way I see it, you can either run and hide or you can show up and face them head on. I have decided that I will choose courage over comfort and show up every day to face my challenges. The Club helped me learn that” states Bayleigh, the 2020 Youth of the Year for Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County.


Bayleigh first walked through the Castle Rock Club doors on August 29, 2011 as a 2nd Grader.  Now, a high school sophomore, she walks through the same doors each day as a member of our Jr. Staff team.   In the 8 ½ years she has attended the Club we have watched her grow into a strong and capable young lady who is a true role model to young girls at the Club.


During Bayleigh’s Youth of the Year speech she shared “my Club makes me feel safe, worthy, and special. My goal as a junior staff is to show other Club members that they are needed, cared about, and important. Just like the staff members made me feel.”  Bayleigh is currently creating a new program at the Club which will focus on helping girls build confidence and find their voice.


Staff and Club members alike can always count on Bayleigh to come to work with a positive attitude and an infectious smile.  As Youth of the Year, Bayleigh represents the Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County and the essence of what the organization hopes for all the youth we serve.


Bayleigh is a stand-out star and is on track to reach every goal she sets for herself.  After High School graduation, she hopes to attend Montana State University where she plans to major in social work.

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