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We all have moments that shape us.  Parts of our lives that make us who we are.  For some, that was their time at the Boys & Girls Clubs.

That’s why we are launching an Alumni & Friends Club.  Maybe you attended the Club and your Club experience helped define who you are or maybe you know how critical it is to support today’s youth.  Either way, you can make a difference through Alumni & Friends.

We Have Awesome Alumni!

In celebration of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County’s through the years we are highlighted some of our amazing alumni.  Our goal is to highlight Alumni and their accomplishments monthly.

If you are a Club Alum,  know of one we should feature or would like to enroll in our Alumni & Friends Club  let us know.    It’s simple, email kowen@bgcyellowstone.org

Follow our interview series below.

Hope attended Club from a young age. From Club member to Club professional, she has worked hard to be her own boss at a local salon in Billings!

Please enjoy reading Hope’s story.

Cassandra was a Club member turned Griz! From Billings to Missoula to now Scottsdale, Arizona, it’s safe to say that Club has impacted her life greatly!

Please enjoy reading Cassandra’s story.

Dylan worked at the Club for 6 years starting in 2011! “The Club was the best place for personal and professional growth that I’ve ever had. Some jobs are just jobs, but the Club is a family.”

Please enjoy reading Dylan’s story.

“I enjoyed hanging out with my fellow Teens, volunteering and going on field trips. The teen trips at the end of the summer were especially fun!”

Please enjoy reading Caryn’s story.

“Being a Club kid helped shape me into the person I am today. I was able to make lifelong friends and I learned a lot by going!”

Please enjoy reading Shelby’s story.

Ryan has been a long time Club member with a strong sense of dedication for his goals! He was also the 2021 recipient of the Jenny Nemer Sibinger Memorial Scholarship.

Please enjoy reading Ryan’s story.

“Working at the Boys and Girls Clubs helped me realize I wanted to become a therapist. Nothing was more
rewarding than spending quality time with a club member in need.”

Please enjoy reading Sarah’s story.

“My favorite memories always came from the Halloween parties. Everyone was really into it and
dressed up, and the decorations were amazing!”

Please enjoy reading Lawrence’s story.

“I remember feeling so cool when my dad would pick me up during “Power Hour” so I didn’t
have to stick around for the remainder of the quiet homework time, but always begging to stay
if he ended up working a little later”

Please enjoy reading Paige’s story.

Myra joined the Club in 2005 and remained a member for 8 years. “One of my proudest moments was being nominated for Youth of the Year… I had a blast sharing my story and meeting so many people in the process!”

Please enjoy reading Myra’s story.

One of the memories I have from my time at Club is from the Swordsmanship program.  The program taught character, leadership and good sportsmanship by making our own swords and dueling other members.

Please enjoy reading Matthew’s story.

Ricardo joined the Club in 1971 and the membership fee was $1.25 and remembers Gordon Eldredge as the manager of the Club but also as a great boss.  Ricardo recalls “the Boys Club was a safe place to go and a place for me to grow.”

Please enjoy reading Ricardo’s story.

Clay Smith is an adamant Club supporter. In fact, Clay was one of the driving forces
behind a community fundraiser this summer that benefited the Boys & Girls Clubs. Clay has a contagious personality and is committed to the Billings community.

Please enjoy reading Clay’s story.

Morgan started coming to the Club in the 5th grade, she was later a staff member, and now in her 4th year of medical school!  

Please enjoy reading Morgan’s story.

Mychal was a Club kid,  later a staff member, and now a nurse! 

Please enjoy reading Mychal’s story.

Craig was an early Club member and says the Club saved him in so many ways. 

Please enjoy reading Craig’s story.

Lloyd was one of our early Club participants. 

Please enjoy reading Lloyd’s story.

Dan was a Club member in the late 70s, when there was a boxing club!

Please enjoy reading Dan’s story.

Kristi was one of our staff members after she completed college, now she is a teacher at Beartooth Elementary. 

Please enjoy reading Kristi’s story.

Jaymi was one of our staff members over three summers in the 90s. 

Please enjoy reading Jaymi’s story.

Bethany was a Club kid, Youth of the Year and a staff member. 

Please enjoy reading Bethany’s story.

Jase is not only a valued member of our staff, but was also a Club kid.

Please enjoy reading Jase’s story.

David was a Club kid when it was known as the Southside Club.

Please enjoy reading David’s story.

Bernadete was a Bair Family Club kid in
1988, remembering checkers etc…

Please enjoy reading Bernadete’s story.

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